Atelier Meridian is a state of the art printmaking facility, featuring 5 presses in the spacious 1200 square foot art studio in Portland, Oregon. Good ventilation, well-lit workspaces and non-toxic material choices all add up to a health-friendly work environment where we can facilitate every aspect of the artist’s creative process. We draw on the vast experience of artists and educators, printmakers and painters, from the Northwest and beyond. Our mission is to promote printmaking by providing the general public with a 24-hour printmaking studio facility, as well as a place to teach and learn. We wish to provide a creative outlet for artists and community members through workshops and memberships.

We provide all the tools to create Etchings, collagraphs, monotypes, woodcuts, letterpress, paper plate lithography and screen printing. Artists can rent press time by the day, week, or month. We also provide assisted Monotype sessions, contract printing of editions, and workshops.

Artists can rent press time by the day, week, or month. Storage of personal supplies is ample, and a wide variety of printmaking paper is available for purchase at our cost. Monthly members receive 20% discount on workshop fees. Print Arts Northwest members receive 10% discount on membership and workshop fees.

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The Atelier has 4 presses at this time:
Takach Etching press, 34 x 60”
Takach Etching press, 24 x 36”
Kelsey tabletop letterpress with metal base & furniture, 5x7" chase

Speedball Lino Press 6 x 7.5”

Etching and monotype facilities include:
3 vertical etching tanks with ferric Chloride for copper
Multiple horizontal etching bath trays from 11 x 13" to 27 x 34"
2 Hot plates 13 x 25 and 27 x 36
Rosin Box 29 x 26
Rosin melting rack 26" wide with propane torches
3 Solarplate small UV exposure units, 9-1/2 x 14"
Vacuum exposure unit UV 24 x 28"
Paper shear, 30" wide
Plate shear 28-3/4" wide
Rollers & brayers up to 10-1/2 x 26"
44 sets of Plexiglas monotype plates from 3 x 5" to 33 x 43"
Lightbox 31 x 41"
Print-flattening area
7 glass-covered working tables, 3 paper tables
Vented solvent table
Mat cutters
up to 62"
Paper scoring board up to 12"
Screen printing setup including squeegies, inks, emulsions and solvents
A dozen screens ranging from 12 x 18" to 16 x 20"
Lightbox 30 x 41"

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