Full Membership: $100 a month. Unlimited access, 24-7, with the exception of those times when a workshop is in session. Includes black and brown ink, solvent and newsprint, ink modifiers, use of etching facilities. Storage of personal supplies available.

A wide variety of printmaking paper is available for purchase at our cost. Monthly members receive 20% discount on workshop fees. PAN members receive 10% discount on membership and workshop fees.

If you sign up for more than one workshop at a time, you can get 10% off of each workshop. If you are a member of the Northwest Print Council you get 10% off memberships, workshops and contract printing.

If you are a full-time student with a valid ID card or a senior, you will receive 10% discount off memberships, workshops and contract printing.

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We are running a winter special for new members - Bring a Trio of printmakers and all 3 will get half price membership for November, December and January and February! We are trying our hardest to GET NEW MEMBERS to sign up at the Atelier! You can help! We have a host of incentives.

Here's the full story on the TRIO deal:
GET A TRIO OF ARTISTS TOGETHER. You and two others. They must all be new members. If all three of you agree to sign up for three months, during December, January and February, you will get half off of a membership or a 12-punch pass. So with a trio you get 3 months of full-time membership at $150. A 12-punch pass is discounted to $120, to be used within three months. You must sign up for the three months and pay for all three up front. (A full-time membership for one month normally costs $100, a four-punch pass normally costs $80.00) If you are an existing full-time or four-punch member, you can also get a break: for every new person that you refer to us, you will receive a $20.00 discount on your next session.

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